A significant part of the negotiation process for any agreement involves including reviewers–internal or external–in the collaboration process. This typically requires the main agreement document and any supporting documents to be sent by the contract negotiator to reviewers for term changes, additional redlining, clarification of language, or other legal or contractual input. Contract Management provides a standard Send for Review process from Agreement records in Salesforce, but this may not always be the most ideal solution for contract negotiators. Just as you can use X-Author Contracts to check out, redline, manage legal language and terms, check-in, and finalize agreement documents, you can also manage the entire Send for Review process. The Send for Review process can be managed:

Sending for Review from X-Author Contracts provides several advantages:

  • Send and receive agreement documents using the X-Author Contracts for Microsoft Word and Outlook add-in. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to Send for Review from Contract Management.
  • Track and manage review cycles of negotiated documents along with their recipients.
  • Use review cycles of agreement documents to monitor negotiations at the summary and detail level.
  • Complete the end-to-end negotiation process without leaving Microsoft Office.