The following features and its capabilities are supported when TurboConfig mode is enabled. For information on the listed features, refer to CPQ on Salesforce Administrator Guide.

You cannot use TurboConfig and TurboPricing simultaneously.

Constraint RulesInclusion rulesYes
Exclusion rulesYes
Validation rulesYes
Recommendation rulesYes
Replacement rulesYes
Product Scope: Product, Product Group, Product Family, Product Field SetYes
Product Option Group scopeNo
Match in Primary Lines or OptionsYes
Match in LocationNo
Match in AssetNo
Match in Cart OptionsYes
Repeat InclusionNo
Condition AssociationYes
Condition CriteriaYes
Action CriteriaYes
Match in Related LinesNo
Is Bundle ContextNo

Option ConfigurationMin/Max OptionsYes
Min/Max Total QuantityYes
Is HiddenYes
Is PicklistYes
Modifiable TypeYes
Option SequencingNo
Default / Required OptionYes
Inclusion criteriaNo
Min/Max QuantityYes
Quantity: Default, ModifiableYes
Quantity: Auto UpdateNo
Allow CloningNo
Config TypeNo

Product Attributes Display

Attribute: Read-Only, Hidden, PrimaryYes
Two column Attribute DisplayYes
Three column Attribute DisplayYes

Product Attribute RulesProduct Scope: Product, Product Family, Product GroupYes
Filter CriteriaYes
Action Types: Allow, Default, Hidden, Disabled, Required, ResetYes
Target field: Product Attribute Value, Line Item, Product, Pricelist, Product ConfigurationYes

Attribute Value MatricesProduct Scope: Product, Product Family, Product Group, LocationYes
Application Type: Default, Constraint, Force SetYes

Field Expressions / RollupEvaluation Context: Constraint Rule action, Record Update, Default Quantity, RollupYes
Update Product Attribute and Line Item object fieldsYes
Rollup Group By Field: Line Item, Product AttributeYes

CallbacksOption Filter CallbackNo

OthersFormula field support (Condition/action)No
Lookups (For example, Attributes)No
TurboConfig Data SyncNo
TurboPricing IntegrationNo
Publisher APIYes
ABO Flow supportNo
Service CPQNo
Multi-language supportNo