An additional form is an Administrator-designed form that contains one or more fields and/or lists used to capture information for a company, contract, or project. A user with the Additional Forms Admin permission creates a form and then links it to specific Company, Contract, or Project Profiles so that when a user adds a Profile that matches the restrictions specified in the additional form, the form is available for completion from the Additional Forms screen in the Profile. If the Additional Forms Admin designates a form as required, users are prompted to complete the form every time a Profile matching the restrictions in the form is created or opened.

An additional field is an Administrator-defined field or list that is added to the default Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen to capture standard information that is not captured by the default Profile.

As a security measure, access to Additional Forms and Fields, company, contract, or project additional form can by controlled through the roles that are assigned to individual users.

Field Types for Additional Forms and Fields

The following types of fields can be added to an additional form or field:

  • Text (256 characters or less) and Long Text (up to 40 pages)
  • Date (for example, start and end dates)
  • Number (whole numbers only; no decimals or fractions)
  • Currency (both dollars and cents)
  • Hyperlink (allows users to provide a URL or an Additional Forms Admin can furnish a default URL)
  • GIS Geometry (visual representation of location data). An Additional Forms Admin can provide the coordinates for the location of a company or an individual, and when the user clicks on the field, a map displays showing the location.

The GIS Geometry field is only available in environments that have POST-GIS enabled on their database. Conga Contracts will perform this service upon customer request.

Field List Types for Additional Forms and Fields

The following types of field lists can be added to an additional form or field:

  • Combo List - users can select one option.
  • Multi-select List - users can select more than one option.
  • Linked Fields - combo list can be linked to either a linked combo field or a linked multi-select field. The Additional Forms Admin associates the individual values in a combo list with corresponding values in a linked field list so that when the user makes a selection in the combo list, the system automatically provides the user with options, based on their selection.
  • Tree Field - users can select from a hierarchy of information. The Additional Forms Admin can set up a hierarchy of text/values that can be used to organize and store several options for a single field. For example, a tree field can include a hierarchy with a top level of Division, and a secondary hierarchical level of Departments. Once the user select a division, a sub-folder displays with a list of departments within the division.
  • Person Field - The user functions that a List Admin adds in the List Administration screen display as item selections when a Person Field is added to an additional form or an additional field in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile. The List Admin must then select a single function for the list that will be used in the additional form or profile. When a user views the list in an additional form or in the Additional Fields section of a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, the selected function is translated into the names of the people who hold that function in Conga Contracts.

An Additional Forms Admin can perform the following tasks associated with additional forms from the Additional Form Admin Browse screen:

An Additional Forms Admin can perform the following tasks associated with additional fields from the Additional Form Admin Browse screen: