You can decrease the quantity of an asset during the current term when the original quantity is no longer required. You can sell the decrement quantity at the same price point as the original sale or at a different price point. During the sale of these decrement licenses, CPQ merges the decrement quantity with existing assets.

  1. Click Installed Products. The Installed Product page is displayed.
  2. Select the check box for an asset for which you want to decrease the quantity.

  3. Click Change > Quantity. The Change Quantity page for the selected asset is displayed.
  4. In the Change quantity by field, decrease the quantity by clicking the – icon. The New Quantity field displays the updated quantity immediately.

    You cannot reduce the quantity to less than or equal to the existing asset quantity.

    For example, the asset quantity=4

    • You can reduce it to –3 (this is acceptable because the new quantity is 1).
    • You cannot reduce it to –4 (this is not acceptable because the remaining quantity cannot be 0).
  5. From the Cotermination drop-down list, the Retain the current Asset End Date option is selected by default, which allows you to retain the current asset end date. Select a different Start Date if required.

    The Enter Custom Date and Use the Proposal End Date options are disabled.

  6. The Update Existing Assets checkbox is enabled by default and you cannot edit it. It indicates that these quantity changes will reflect in the existing asset.

  7. Click Go to Pricing. The Cart page is displayed with the following details:

    • Quantity = Negative quantity provided by you on the Change Quantity page
    • Line Status = Decremented and Merged
    • Net Price = Amount for the quantity decremented

On order activation, the decrement quantity updates into the existing asset. You can verify the quantity decrement at Account > Asset Line Items list. You will see the following details on the asset line item for which you decreased quantity:

  • Asset Status = Activated
  • Net Price = Amount for the remaining amount after quantity decrement
  • Quantity = Remaining quantity after decrement
  • Asset TCV = Reflects the right value after decrement
  • Billing Schedule = Conga Billing supersedes the old billing schedule and creates a new billing schedule with the remaining quantity. For more information, see Billing Schedules for Decremented Assets. 

For more information, see Use Case: Asset Quantity Decrement.