Max is a conversational, intelligent virtual assistant for the Middle Office.  It is available embedded within the Salesforce web, Salesforce1 mobile app as well as on mobile devices through other communication channels such as Microsoft Team.

Max on Apttus Omni allows an administrator to Launch Max chatbot in their salesforce org in the embedded form. Administrators can enable conversational workflows for Max. They can also configure the display cards for the respective conversational workflow. 

Key Terminology

It is important to understand how terms are used when working with Apttus Max on Salesforce. 



Lookup Query

Using lookup queries, you can ask max to search for any entity in your Salesforce Org. Like, a record or an object or field associated with that record. When you ask Max to lookup an object, Max shows display cards that match with your query. For example, if you ask Max to lookup an agreement, Max displays the 20 most recently modified agreements.

Primary Cards

Primary cards are adaptive cards that Max shows as the initial response of the lookup query.