With Max, you can create flows in Salesforce to provide chatter notifications. You can create flows to remind you of quotes that are near expiry or agreements that are waiting for your approval. Max assists you in creating a flow by asking a series of questions. 

Creating Flows 

To create a flow, initiate the conversation with #installflow# followed by your query. You can specify the frequency of the notifications, the date and time for the notification to start and the user profiles to send these notifications. 

Use Case: Creating a flow for Quotes that are expiring in the next 10 days

The following is a conversational flow with Max to create proactive notification flows:

You: #installflow# show me all quotes expiring in 10 days

Max: How often would you like this notification to be sent to users?

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly

You: Daily

Max: On what date would you like this to start recurring as a scheduled notification?

You: March 15

Max: Please enter the time of day that you would like to have this notification run (HH:MM format, using the 24-hour scale, in the time zone of your Salesforce instance):

You: 13:30

Max: What is the API Field Name that we will use to identify which user will receive the notification? (Note: this must be a User ID reference field on the object we are querying)

You: OwnerId

Max: Please give me a name, with no spaces, for the Salesforce Flow we are creating 

You: quotesExpiringin10Days

Max: We will make a post to Chatter to notify users, which will include a direct link to the Max page. What would you like the Chatter post to say for this notification? 

You: You have notifications that require your attention. 

Max: When users click the link referenced above, Max will send users the first message for their notification. What would you like this message to say? (E.g. "Hi {UserName}
, it looks like you have records that are due soon. Let me pull those up for you.")

You: You have quotes expiring in 10 days. Let's check them out.

Max: What is the name of that Visualforce page where Max is located in your Salesforce org?


To find the Visualforce page,

  1. Navigate to Setup → Tabs. 
  2. Under Visualforce Tabs, click Max.
  3. Copy the Tab Name entry. 

This is the name of the Visualforce page of Max.

Max: A flow named quotesExpiringin10Days is created. 

Max displays the summary flow and provides you instructions on activating the flow. 

While creating flows, ensure that you:

  • Do not include 'my' in your query. 
  • Include 'all' in your query
  • Do not include a limit on the numbers of records to retrieve 
  • Insert a space after the last #

Activating a Flow

After Max creates a flow, you need to activate it.

To activate a flow

  1. Navigate to Setup → Flows.
  2. Select your flow and click Activate.

Once you activate the flow, users will get chatter notifications when they log-in to Salesforce.