Release Added/ ModifiedFeature
11.0.324 (Spring '20)Support for Internationalization
Support for Asynchronous Checkin
Regenerate with Redlines
Update to Import Offline Agreement Documents
10.0.1125.1903 (Winter '19)

Default Filters for the Playbook
Controlling Check-in Options
Unprotecting Agreements
Tracking Changes to a Smart Field within a Smart Clause
Reconciling Only Comment Changes to a Clause
Support for User-entered Locales
Compare Agreements
Update Current Version with Check-in Options
Review Import Offline
Hiding X-Author Actions
10.0.0725.1902 (Summer '19)

Parallel Review

Swapping Clauses

Restricting Agreement Check-ins
Unlocking Read-only Clauses

Update from Salesforce

Enable Formatting for Versioned Templates

Reconciliation UX Enhancements

9.2.0322 (Spring '19)Regenerate with Redlines
9.1.1127 (Winter '18)Show/Hide Contracts and Templates Tab Based on Action Permission
Insert Clause as Text
Intelligent Import
Removal of Content Control from Nested Clause
9.1.0906 (Summer '18)Deleting Smart Elements Using Delete Key or Backspace Key
Syncing Clause Edits in Smart Clauses
9.1.0626 (Spring '18 MR)Comparing Agreement Documents from Two Different Agreement Records
9.1.0519 (Spring '18)Update Fields
Comparing Agreement Documents from Two Different Agreement Documents
Enhancement to Redlining During Contract Negotiation
Enhancement to Reconciliation
Enhancement to Clauses Inserted as Bookmarks
Language Translation (Deprecated)
9.0.1219 (Winter '17)Check-in Compared Documents
X-Author Contracts Enhancement to Control Panel
8.9.0386 (Summer '17)X-Author Contracts Enhancement for Searching and Filtering for Clauses
Enhancement to Merge and Compare Version Feature
9.0.0608 (Spring '17)Enhancement to Document Versioning
X-Author Connected App Security
Labels for Search Boxes in the Check-out Page
9.0.0501 (Feb '17 Patch 1)Toolbar Button to Refresh Clause References
9.0.0306 (Feb '17)Localization of Currency, Number, Date and Percent Fields in X-Author (FX2)
Hide Smart Boundaries for 3rd Party Users
Template Support for Objects with No Name Field
Clause Formatting on Insert Clause (FX2)
Enhancement to Update from Salesforce
8.5.0361 (Aug'16 SP1 Patch1)Enhancement for Authoring Templates for Custom Objects
8.5.1010 (Aug '16 SP1)Compare & Merge
X-Author Outlook Enhancements
8.5.0628 (Aug '16)Auto Clause Insertion Using Bookmarks
Highlighting Smart Fields
8.5.0822 (May'16 Patch 1)Update from Salesforce (FX2)
8.5.0518 (May '16)Template Versioning
Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements
Support for Rich Text Fields (FX2 Format)
Hiding Smart Elements in Agreements
Other X-Author Contracts Enhancements
8.5.0219 (Feb'16)Document Finder (Pre-FX2 and FX2)
Template Control Panel Filters (FX2 Only)
Removing Smart Fields from an Agreement (FX2 Only)
8.1.1119 (Nov '15)Send for Review Enhancements
Other X-Author Enhancements
8.1.0925 (Aug '15 SP1)Send for Review
X-Author Contracts Outlook Add-in
8.1.0907 (Aug '15 Patch 1)Create PDF for Redline and Clean Documents at Check-in
Document Naming Convention for Non-Version Aware Agreements
Update Current Version
8.1.0827 (Aug '15)Contract Document Versioning
Enhancements to Agreement Clauses
8.1.0513 (May '15)Adding Smart Property to a Clause in a Template 
Refreshing Clauses in an Agreement Template
UI Enhancements for Inserting Fields into a Template
Smart Clauses in a Contract Document
Marking Agreement Documents as Private
Mark Clause Menu in X-Author Templates 
Dynamic Segments & Document Assembly for Templates
Set Segment Menu in X-Author Templates
Clause Control Panel Actions
Preview Reconciliation Menu
Mark Clause Menu Actions and Promote Clauses
Fall 2015 (Feb '15)Creating a New Template
Inserting Fields into a Template
Making a Segment
Expression Builder
Template Control Panel
Checking In a Template
Publish and Auto Publish Templates from X-Author Templates
Cloning a Template
Playbook in the X-Author Templates Ribbon Tab
X-Author Contracts Control Panel
Tagging Smart Fields in an Agreement Document
Marking a Clause in an Agreement Document
Validating Fields
Checking In an Agreement Document
7.13.0113 (Jan '15)Opening Agreement or Template Record in Salesforce From X-Author Contracts
Dynamic Document Assembly Enhancements
7.1.1001 (Oct '14)

Dynamic Sections & Document Assembly
Auto Select options when Finalizing Documents
Upgrade Process When Using New Version of DocuSign Integration