New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Dynamic Sections & Document Assembly

Dynamic sections are the name of the elements in X-Author that you add to your agreement templates to make use of the dynamic document assembly feature.
Dynamic sections can be inserted wherever you would typically insert a clause template. Unlike having to build If statements into your templates, the conditionality of the sections is handled by the values in the document assembly rulesets themselves. So, all you need to do is insert the dynamic sections and they will be included/excluded at generation time based on the rulesets and the values in the agreement object record you are generating your document for.

Auto Select options when Finalizing Documents

You can choose to have PDF generation and reconciliation be automatically selected when you select Check-In for an agreement document and choose to save it as the Final document.
By default, X-Author will give you the option to Reconcile Document and Create PDF Attachment when you check-in a final document; however, you can select system properties that make those options automatically selected and not editable. There are also additional system properties that allow you to override those automatic selections.

Upgrade Process When Using New Version of DocuSign Integration

If you have used the DocuSign Integration Package 2.0.0011 and X-Author Contracts 7.1.0820, an error occurs when you send a final version of an agreement document for eSignature using DocuSign.
The reason for the error is X-Author doesn't update the content type of the attachment, which is mandatory information for the new DocuSign Integration. To resolve this issue, the new release of X-Author Contracts 7.1.0908 updates the content type of the attachment upon Check-in. But, if you have existing documents that need to be signed using the latest version of the DocuSign Integration, you must perform the data update.