X-Author for Excel Designer has been enhanced with the following features grouped under a Centralized Admin. This new centralized admin enables you to configure and administer various settings related to the Designer.

General Info

This section displays general information on X-Author for Excel such as User info, version, and Available X-Author Add-ins.


This section enables you to set up general settings such as changing CRM, language, and Proxy Settings.

Product Logs

This section displays all the logs in the event of an error.

CRM Messages

This section displays all the CRM specific logs in the event of an error.


This section displays all the available connections. You can change the connection name or delete a particular connection.


This section displays the following information:

  • App Details - Provides details of the App such as App Name, Unique Id of the App, and whether the App is active or not.

    This section enables you to change the App Name and also activate or deactivate an app. The Unique Id field is a read-only field.

  • App SettingsThe following options are used to affect the runtime user experience, use protected worksheets, and secure Excel file saving and printing. For details, see Application Settings.

  • App AssignmentAfter you have created an app and activated it, you need to assign the app to runtime users.