Configuring Conga Contracts prior to use involves Repository Tasks, Templates, and Rules. Repository tasks include identifying user roles & adding users, configuring global settings, and defining selections in program screen lists. Templates are designed to capture information for contract creation, events, flows/workflows, scorecards, and contract requests/approvals. Profile rules are written to control the display & capture of information in profiles, as well as perform cal

Administrators are responsible for performing the following tasks, designing the following templates, and defining the following rules prior to using Conga Contracts.

Repository Tasks

  • An overview of the information that Administrators need to add to default program fields, which will affect the data stored in the Conga Contracts system, are shown below.

Security Features

  • Users are allowed access to Conga Contracts when Administrators create User Profiles with logins and passwords
  • Roles to grant a user permissions to the roles they can play in Conga Contracts

List Configurations

The following field lists appear in the default program screens, and Administrators must add items selections to the lists from the List Administration screen:

  • Company Categories, Groups, Types, and Stauses for the Company Profile
  • Contract Groups, Types, Agreement Types, Responsibilities, and Statuses for the Contract Profile
  • Additional Forms and Additional Fields for Company, Contact, and Project Profiles to capture information not captured in the profiles
  • Document Type Groups and Document Types to classify documents uploaded to Company, Contact, and Project Profiles
  • Clause Categories, Types, and Security Levels to categorize and control access to the clauses that users can add to their Clause Libraries
  • Location Types for the addresses of companies in the Company Profiles and contracts added to Contract Profiles
  • Company Relationships to define the types of relationships that exist between the companies with which you do business
  • People Functions to grant a user one or more functions in the tasks that are performed in Conga Contracts
  • Routing Table Categories to define the types of approval chains that are used in a workflow
  • Project Groups, Types, and Statuses for the Project Profile
  • Required fields in the CompanyContractLocation, and Person program screens
  • Quick Tips to assist users in populating fields in the CompanyContract, and Location program screens

Global Configurations

The following global settings are controlled by Administrators, and System Settings are controlled by your Conga Contracts System Administrator.

Templates and Rules

An overview of the templates and rules that Administrators need to define to assist users in performing Conga Contracts tasks are shown below, and are added from the various links in the Admin Menu.

  • Event Alert Templates to standardize the text in the email notifications and follow-up reminders received to alert individuals to an upcoming contract event
  • Contract Request Types to add all the types of contract requests that can be made, typically by salespeople, in Conga Contracts
  • Creation Templates to standardize the contract document that must be used when users create a contract of this type using the Contract Creation Wizard
  • Task Lists to create a standardized list of steps that must be completed, and the persons responsible for completing the steps, in order to accomplish the task
  • Additional Forms and Additional Fields to design forms and add fields to capture information that is not captured in the default Company, Contact, and Project Profiles
  • Profile Rules to control a field in a Company, Contact, or Project Profile by establishing a condition and an action for a related field
  • Profile Rule Formulas to add formulas to profile rules applied to fields in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles
  • Workflow Templates to define the steps and assign individuals to the steps in a procedure used in a Company, Contact, or Project Profile
  • Workflow Teams to build a team of the individuals who will routinely perform one or more steps in completing a Company, Contact, or Project Profile workflow.
  • Routing Tables to build a list of user functions that can approve a workflow step that requires approval (i.e., Gateway step) in a Company, Contact, or Project workflow.
  • Supplier Registration Types to capture information that will be provided to the companies who want to do business with your company and provide a link that will allow the "supplier" to register at the Conga Contracts Portal and provide pertinent data on their company
  • Scorecards to rate the performance of a company, contract, or project using Administrator-defined categories, questions, and response profiles.
  • Flows to guide users in the completion of tasks and the capture of information for a ContractCompany, or Project Profile.