In Online Contract Collaboration, you can launch version-aware agreement documents in Salesforce Classic and version-aware as well as non-version-aware agreement documents in Salesforce Lightning. You can download a document from OCC and check out using X-Author for Contracts. You can also view all documents checked in using X-Author for Contracts in OCC. 

You can access OCC from the Document Action column in the Documents tab in Lightning mode and from the Document Version Detail page in Classic mode. Based on the OCC access mode assigned to your user profile, you will see the following buttons in the Document Action column:

OCC Access ModeButton Name in LightningButton Name in Classic
EditOpen & EditOpen & Edit
CommentOpen & CommentOpen & Edit
NegotiateOpen & NegotiateOpen & Edit
Negotiate PlusOpen & NegotiateOpen & Edit
No OCC access mode is configuredOpen & CommentOpen & Edit

Irrespective of the button name in the Document Action column in Classic, you can edit the document according to the OCC Access Mode or sharing setting assigned to the user profile. For more information on various OCC UI modes available, see Working with Different UI Modes. For more information on configuring OCC access modes, see Configuring OCC Access Modes and Sharing Settings



  • The Open & Edit button is disabled when the Enable Online Contract Collaboration property is disabled. 
  • When the document is being viewed, reviewed in parallel review, or edited by another user, the document is locked and you will see the Open button instead of the Open & Edit button. When you click the Open button, you can view the document in read-only mode. When the other user clicks the Exit button or saves the document, the document lock is released and you will be able to view the Open & Edit button.
  • If you close the OCC tab or click the back button in your browser without clicking the Exit button, your document lock is not released and remains in effect.
  • If you have updated the document or opened a pane and you refresh, reload, close the tab, or click the back button on the browser, you will see a message that updates to the document will not be saved if you leave the page. In this message, you can choose to stay on the page or leave it.

    This message does not appear in the Safari browser when you:

    • Click the back button.
    • Enter a URL in the address bar and refresh the page. 

    If you click the refresh icon on the Safari browser and you select the message's option to stay on the page, the refresh icon for that tab does not appear.

  • You can disable the Delete button for selected profiles. For more information, see Configuring Documents Tab in Lightning.

To launch Online Contract Collaboration in Lightning

  1. Navigate to the Agreement Detail page.
  2. Click the Documents tab.
    You can view and sort the Document Name, Version Number (available only for version-aware agreement), Last Modified By, Document Action, and Currently Edited By columns. You can also view the latest agreement document on the top row. 

  3. If more than one document or document versions are available for the agreement, click the arrow icon to view all the documents of the agreement. For non-versioned agreement documents, by default, all documents are displayed.
  4. Click the Open & Edit button to view or edit the document online.
    This launches the Online Contract Collaboration view.

To delete documents

  1. Select the documents to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the header.
    A confirmation message is displayed.
  3. Click Yes.
    The selected documents are deleted from the agreement document and the Document Versions section.

To launch Online Contract Collaboration in Classic

  1. Navigate to the Agreement Detail page and find the Document Versions section.
  2. Click the link in the Name column to View all document version details.
  3. In the Document Version Details section, click the Open & Edit link in the Document Action column.
    This launches the Online Contract Collaboration view.

You can also launch OCC in Classic by navigating to Document Version Detail and clicking the Open & Edit link in the Action field.

To exit the Online Contract Collaboration view

  1. Open a document in OCC.
  2. Click Exit.
    This displays the Exit Document popup.
  3. Click Exit.
    If you have modified the document, the changes are discarded and the document lock is released.

To download a document

  1. Open a document in OCC.
  2. Click Download.
    This downloads the document. You can open the document in MS Word and check out the document in X-Author for Contracts.

To add or delete a page break

  1. Open a document in Editing UI mode.
  2. Place the cursor where you want to add a page break in the document.
  3. Click the page break icon () to insert the page break.
  4. Select the page break.
  5. (Optional) Click before or after the page break to insert space.
  6. To delete a page break, either:
    1. Select a page break and press Backspace or Delete.
    2. Place the cursor before the page break and press Delete.
    3. Place the cursor after the page break and press Backspace.

To select a table

  1. Hover over a table.
    The table is highlighted in yellow color.
  2. Click to select the table.
    The table is selected and highlighted in blue color.
  3. (Optional) Click on the top or bottom of the table to insert space before or after the table.

    To delete a table, select the table and press Delete. If there are not smart elements in the table, it is deleted. If there are smart elements in the table, an error message is displayed.

    To add a comment for a table, select the table, click , and select Add Comment