New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Lookup Approvals

Apttus Max introduces the Lookup Approvals conversational flow, using which you can look up for approval and approval fields. You can perform follow-up actions on approvals such as view more details, add comments, and email approval details to yourself. You can also approve or reject an approval request.

Edit Tenants using Admin Console

You can now edit the tenant configuration details of an existing Max chatbot using the Admin Console.

Ability to define Synonyms using Admin Console

With Max Admin Console, you can now define synonyms for Salesforce standard as well as custom fields. Using this feature, you can customize your conversations with Max according to the verbiage used in your organization.

Generate Quote

With Max, you can now generate quote documents using conversational workflows. While generating the quote, you can also specify the document template, document format and add watermark to your quote document.

Clone Quote

With Max, you can now clone an existing Quote/Proposal. Cloning a quote copies all the information from the existing quote, including field data, line items, and proposal header information.

Slack Connectivity

You can now converse with Max using Slack as a communication channel. Max is a communication channel within Slack.

Proactive Notifications

With Max, you can create flows in Salesforce to provide Chatter notifications. Max assists you in creating a flow by asking a series of questions.