New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Updating Opportunities

Max enables you to have a conversation to update any field on your opportunities. This is done securely using authentication via Salesforce. You can update multiple fields with ease during a conversation. You can also update many opportunities in one go. For example, "Update Opportunity ABC with Amount to 100".

Combined Instructions

During an interactive conversation with Max, you can now save time with combined instructions. For example, "Hi, update Max Test opportunity" combines your following three instructions:

  • Greeting Max with "Hi".
  • Notifying the task of updating an opportunity ("Update Opportunity").
  • Looking for an Opportunity with Name MAX Test.

This makes your conversation faster and shorter.

Taking Notes for Opportunity

Taking notes for an Opportunity is easier with Max. This functionality is helpful for a Sales Representative or a System Administrator to create notes on the fly. The notes can be a reminder to make a call or a meeting summary.