New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Dynamic Document Assembly

Dynamic Document Assembly enables you to preconfigure filter rules which drive a sequence of prescribed dynamic clause insertions in the generated document to create a complete and well‐formed agreement. It is the combination of contract field values which is expressed as a user‐configured key and determines the desired contract clause content at document generation.
It provides the ability to closely control the content that is included in your agreement documents based on multiple criteria options. Also it reduces the number of templates required and the complexity of conditional merge codes required within a template.

Merge Field Optimization

This feature helps in handling different nesting scenarios in templates. It ensures that merge fields included in templates can be resolved correctly during document generation.

Improvements to Offline Agreements

This enhancement builds on the functionality introduced in X‐Author 6.3, which enables you to create a new agreement record when you use Check‐In to import a document that had not previously been kept in Salesforce. These enhancements enable you to either create a new agreement record using the document or add the document to an existing agreement record.
You can also select how you want the date and time format in the footer of imported docs and agreement number included in the header. It provides multiple options for quickly bringing a document from outside Salesforce into Apttus.