New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Enhancement to Agreement Explorer

Agreement Explorer has been enhanced to allow users to create Agreement Explorer reports to display a larger number of Account and Agreement records, and to also display complex relationships in Agreement and Account Hierarchy reports.
The Account Lookup window in the Agreement Explorer now lets the user sort the accounts in alphabetical order, in addition to displaying the accounts in the hierarchical list.

Hide Smart Boundaries for Third‐Party Users

The Hiding Smart Elements feature introduced in X‐Author for Contracts May 2016 has been enhanced to give contract managers more control over the display of smart elements. The following changes have been made:

  • The new Comply System Property "Hide Content Control Borders" is now available. When checked, smart boundaries (content control borders for smart fields and clauses) are hidden in generated documents.
  • Smart elements remain automatically displayed in a generated document when a field/clause is marked. X‐ Author users still have the option to manually show/hide boundaries.

Template Support for Custom Object Generation

This release provides an enhancement for generating templates on a custom object. The following fixes are included:

  • Support has been added for the Event object. Fields from the Event object can now be used in templates.
  • The new Admin Property APTS_NoNameFieldObjects has been added to permit fields from Objects with no Name field to be used in templates.
  • The new Admin Property APTS_NoISOCurrencyFieldObjects has been added to permit fields from objects with no CurrencyISOCode field to be used in templates. This Admin Property is only required for templates in multi‐ currency orgs.

Enhancement to Template Versioning

Template Versioning has been enhanced to allow users to store multiple versions of a template under the same template record and to view the parent version of a current template version. When a user clones a template from X‐Author Contracts, they can view the parent version of the template from which the current template version was cloned or copied. It also allows the administrator user to select a template version from the Versions related list on the template record page and activate that version. The user can also activate a particular version from the latest X‐Author for Contracts (version 9.0306) by checking out the desired template version and activating it.