New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

New Agreement Pages with Lightning Design

The Summer 2017 release of Apttus Contract Management introduces a new Lightning design for Agreement pages when the Contract Management application is in Salesforce Lightning mode. New Agreement pages that are designed in Lightning mode, display an enhanced user interface (UI) with a consistent look and feel across the application to provide a better user experience. The agreement pages that are available with the new Lightning Design are:

Generate AgreementAmend AgreementActivate AgreementSend for Signatures
Regenerate AgreementTerminate AgreementSubmit Request
Preview AgreementExpire AgreementCancel Request
Generate Supporting DocumentRenew AgreementSend for Review

Trim Document Version Property

This release introduces a new Document Version Property called Trim Document Version which allows an administrator to trim the last decimal point and number from the document version in the document naming convention. For example, version 1.2.0 would become 1.2 in the name of the document.