The following sample templates show the types of documents you can create with Conga Composer release 8. You can use them as-is or modify them to meet your specific needs.

Because the queries are specific to demo org for your reference, not all templates will work "out of the box" for you. To pull the required data from your org, create queries based on your business use case.

The Word templates use text-based merge fields and are compatible only with Composer release 8.
Account Summary
Case Work OrderCase Work Order Template
Contract AgreementContract Agreement NDA Template
Donation LetterDonation Letter Template
Donation Welcome LetterDonation Letter for multiple contacts Template
EOY Tax ReceiptEOY Tax Receipt Template
OrderOrder Template
Proposal (Email)Proposal Email Template
Proposal (Word)Proposal Presentation Template
Quarterly Business ReviewQBR Template
QuoteQuote Template
Sales Activity ReportSales Activity Report Template
Statement of Work (SOW)SOW Template
Standard Service Agreement with WatermarkStandard Service Agreement Template
Simple Thank You letter with logo (Donation)Thank You Letter Template
Labels for Global MergeTextBased Labels for Global Merge Template
Envelope for Contact ObjectEnvelope for Contact Object Template
The six templates listed below are also available as a pre-built Quick Start solution, which includes pre-configured queries, templates, and behavior settings. For more information, see Composer Quick Starts.
Donation Receipt (Global Merge)Global Merge - Donation Receipt Template
InvoiceInvoice Template

Master Service Agreement (MSA)

MSA Template

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

NDA Template
QuoteQuote Template

Sales Proposal

Sales Proposal Template