Alternate clauses are pre-approved alternatives to the main clause. You can replace the main clause with an alternate clause or an alternate clause with another alternate clause using the View alternate clause option. You can view alternate clauses in the agreement document only in the Edit, Negotiate, or Negotiate Plus access modes. You can view the alternate clauses for the main clause in the Clause Library according to the ranking assigned to the alternate clause. For more information, see Managing Alternate Clauses in Lightning


  • Ensure you have created alternate clauses for main clauses.
  • Ensure you open the document in Edit, Negotiate, or Negotiate Plus OCC access mode.
  • Ensure you open the document in Editing or Negotiating UI mode.


You cannot replace a read-only with an alternate clause.

To replace a clause

  1. Open a document that contains clauses.
  2. Select a clause to replace.
  3. Click the context menu ( ) and select View Alternate Clauses.
    If the selected clause has alternate clauses, you can view a list of alternate clauses.
  4. From the list of alternate clauses, select a clause and click Replace.
    The right panel opens, showing the approver levels (if the alternate clause needs approval) and a Replace Clause button. 

  5. Click Replace Clause.
    The main clause is highlighted in red and the inserted alternate clause is highlighted in green. The main clause is replaced with the alternate clause and is tracked as a change. All the smart fields of the main clause are removed from the Smart Pane and the smart fields of the alternate clause are added. In the Agreement Detail page's Master Agreement Clauses section, the alternate clause's action is now Swapped.

    The Delete Clause option of the Context menu is not available for a swapped clause until you accept the changes in True-Up or all the approval actions (in case of approval required) on the clause are complete.

If the replaced clause needs approval, you must follow the approval process. For more information, see Working with Clause Approvals.

If you reject the replaced clause, the alternate clause reverts to the main clause. If you perform the undo action after replacing a clause, the alternate clause reverts to the main clause. If there are any redlines in the clause that was replaced, the redlines are available until you accept the alternate clause and publish the document.