Release Added/Modified


13.1921 (Summer '21)Ability to Disable Bundle Expansion on the Cart page
Ability to Add Custom Pricing Fields through the CPQ Admin UI
Progress Tracker for Async Operation
Introducing Price Waterfall
Support for ICU Locale Date Format in Critical Updates
Support for Match in Service Assets Match Condition in CPQ Admin
Ability to Control Cart Activity History
Enhancements to Doc Gen
Enhancement to Mass Update
Ability to Search All Records in Lookup fields on the Mass Update Popup
Disabled Submit for Approval button on Cart with Open Collaboration Request
Ability to Edit Cancelled Lines on the Intermediate Termination Page
Support for Same Day Cancellation with Calendar Method During Ramp Termination
Support for Single Transaction Adjustment in the Order Flow
Moved APTS_OrderItemCreateBatchSize and APTS_OrderItemActivateBatchSize Admin Entries to Order System Properties
Support for Managing Ramp Lines for Cancelled Options in a Bundle Asset
Support for Cascading Attributes to Sub-Bundle Option Levels Through Change API
Support for Buy X Get Y Promotion With Different Charge Types on Product X and Y
Support for Exclude Optional Product Custom Setting
Excluding Optional Products from Min/Max Validation
Ability to Distinguish Between Shared and Standalone Option Groups
Support for Tooltip for Product Details
Confirmation Popup Before Record Deletion in CPQ Admin
Standard Generate and Present Buttons (End of Support)
13.1882.44 (Spring21.06.11)Ability to Configure Promotions on Benefit Products in Buy X Get Y
13.1882.34 (Spring21.05.28)Support to Process Buy X Get Y Promotions in Batches for a Large Number of Line Items
13.1882.29 (Spring21.05.14)Enhancements to Option Group Min/Max Validation
13.1882.22 (Spring21.04.23)Enhancements to Option Group Min/Max Validation
13.1882.18 (Spring21.04.16)Enhancements to Option Group Min/Max Validation
Ability to Disable Price List Item Time Adjustment
Ability to Process Promotions in Batches for a Large Number of Line Items
13.1882.9 (Spring21.03.26)Enhancements to Deep Clone Functionality in Smart Cart and Enterprise Flow
13.1882 (Spring '21)Introducing Enterprise as a QTC Profile Value
Ability to Create Coupons for Incentives using API
Support for the Product Attribute Value Extension Object in Document Generation 
Ability to Hide Option Groups with Hidden Options
Faster Display of Email Templates
Ability to Display Adjustments to Options in Bundle and Summary Group Net Adjustment %
Ability to Filter Products by Product Codes in the Benefits Section
Ability to Populate Incentive Codes for Lines with 0$ Price
Ability to Apply Buy X Get Y Promotions on Multiple Line Items of Y Products
Enhancements to the getIncentivesForCart API
Ability to Search for the Existence of a Custom Field in CPQ Objects
Support for Pagination for a Large Number of Assets
Flexible Adjustment of Billing Schedules
Confirmation Pop-Up on Config Settings Page
Async Pricing for Regular Cart
Ability to Sync Proposal Line Items and Opportunity in Smart Cart
Ability to Preview Files
Enhancements to Fast Doc Gen
Ability to Define Threshold Limit for Constraint Rule Maintenance Job
Support for Match in Service Assets Match Condition
Optimized Lookup Column Population on Cart
Enhancement to Is Optional Checkbox
Deprecated Guided Search (End of Life)
12.1839.72 (Winter20.04.23)Enhancements to Cart
12.1839.62 (Winter20.03.26)Enhancements to Deep Clone Functionality in Smart Cart and Enterprise Flow
Ability to Launch Directly Configuration Page in Multi-Currency Org
12.1839.27 (Winter20.01.15)Ability to Display Adjustments to Options in Bundle and Summary Group Net Adjustment %
12.1839.16 (Winter20.01.04)Ability to Finalize Large Quote in Async Mode
12.1839 (Winter '20)Custom Settings Maintenance
Conga Sign Integration with Conga CPQ
Enhancements to Smart Cart
Ability to Configure Sidebar Actions Using CPQ Admin
Ability to Cascade Share Attribute Values at Attribute Level
Ability to Classify Attributes
Ability to Enable Optimized Attribute Retrieval
Ability to Pre-Select Qualified Line Items for Mass Update
Support for Lookup Fields in Advanced Filters and Group By
Support for CPQ Product Attribute Value Extension Objects
Enhanced Confirm Renew Intermediate Page
Enhanced Change Quantity Intermediate Page
Advanced Renewal Management
Ability to Specify Lead Time at Product for OnDemand Auto-Renewal
Increased Scalability of Price Ramps
UI to Include Bundle with Options in the Scope of Buy X Get X Promotions
Removed 'In' Option on the Benefits Section for Buy X Get Y Promotions
Display of Promotions on the Cart
Ability to Apply Incentive Limits Across Quotes
Optimized Catalog Launch
Progress Bar on the Cart
Modified CPQ Admin User Interface
12.1787.81 (Summer20.01.15)Ability to Display Adjustments to Options in Bundle and Summary Group Net Adjustment %
12.1787 (Summer 2020)Introducing Apttus TurboConfig
Introducing Apttus TurboPricing
Ability to Configure Dated Currency Exchange Rates
APIs to Retrieve Applied Incentives and Set Incentives for Cart
Global Method to Finalize a Cart in Smart Cart Flow
Global Method to Clone Primary Line Item
Apttus User Experience Analysis
Ability to Configure Action Buttons on Configuration Page
Enhancement to the Configure Products Button URL
Ability to Configure Products Directly from Different Pages in Org
Ability to Generate Documents for Large Quote
Enhancements to Match in Assets in Client-Side Constraint Rules
Support for Show Messages and Prompt with Match in Assets in Client-Side Constraint Rules
Support for Blank Value in Scope in Product Attribute Rules in CPQ Admin
Default Value of Group By Field in Cart View
Support for Cumulative Range Price Matrices and Ramps on the Same Price List Item
Ability to Create Price Ramps for Products with Price Method as Related Pricing
Enhancement to Apply Promotion Window on the Cart
Ability to Include Bundle with Options in the Scope of Buy X Get X Promotions
Enhancements to Incentive API
Search Optimization for the Installed Products Page
Enhanced Assets Swap Flow
Enhanced the Confirm Installed Products Swap Page to Display New Fields
Apex Errors Displayed on Cart
12.1719.65 (Spring20.01.15)Ability to Display Adjustments to Options in Bundle and Summary Group Net Adjustment %
12.1719.21 (Spring 2020 Patch 6)Ability to Update Secondary Line Items on the Cart in the Smart Cart Flow
12.1719.14 (Spring 2020 Patch 5)Search Optimization for the Installed Products Page
12.1719 (Spring 2020)Ability to Sort Products on the Catalog Page
Revalidation Callback Class
Apttus User Experience Analysis
Ability to Open the Cart in Read-only Mode
Ability to Use Numeric Expressions to Create CPQ Formula Fields
Ability to Define UOM in Price Rule Entry
Ability to Select Effective Dates in Price Rule Entry
Ability to Define Currency for Price Ruleset
Flow-Based Defer Pricing
Ability to Selectively Skip Totaling on the Cart
Ability to Selectively Skip Approval of the Cart
Ability to Selectively Skip Deal Guidance
Improved Scalability in Deal Guidance
Editable Custom Currency Field on Cancelled Lines
Enhanced Asset Renewal Custom Callback Class
Enhanced User Experience while Collecting Input for Working with Assets
Hidden Fields on the Related Line Items Popup for Relationship Type Merger
Ability to Dynamically Sort Assets with a Visual Indicator
Disabled Farthest Asset End Date for Single Asset Selection
Ability to Selectively View Data During Swap
Ability to Prevent Editing End Date for Cancelled Lines (Merge Assets)
Renewal Processing for Merged Assets with the Same Purchase ID
Billing Preference Validations
Enhanced Account Hierarchy Performance
Support for Match in Assets in Inclusion Type Client-Side Constraint Rule
Enhanced Is Optional Checkbox Behavior
Support for Related Line Items for Service Bundle Options in Reconfigured Quote
Flow Specific CSS Override Availability
Ability to Display Refine Your Search Options in Picklist
Disabling Product Configuration Versioning
Enhancement to CPQ Admin
Progress Bar During Mass Update
Progress Bar on Mini-Cart
Support for Multiple Benefit Products for Buy X Get Y Promotions
Deprecated Fields on Billing Preference
11.1675.14 (Winter 2019 Patch 3)User Experience Analysis
11.1675 (Winter 2019)Advanced Filters on Cart Page
Smart Cart
Ability to Merge Assets
Displaying Names on Mass Update Pop-up
Support for Product Configuration Object in Lookup Field Settings
Ability to Define Minimum or Maximum Price or Net Adjustment % on the Base Price
Generation of Contract Price List Items for Bundles
Ability to Display Custom Fields in Price Breakup
Ability to Apply Currency Conversion Rate to Cost
Ability to Configure Pricing Engine Settings for Flows
Support for Formula Fields when Defining Price or Adjustment
Support for Adding Product Groups to Promotions Scope
Support for Splitting Bundles
Editable Fields on Cancelled Lines
Change in Status for Split Lines
Ability to Sort Assets on the Installed Products Page
Enhancements to Selling Term Calculation
View Details of Miscellaneous Item on Cart Page
Displaying Names on Split Criteria Pop-up
Support for Delta Changes in Category Maintenance Batch Job
Enhancement to Usability for Attribute Value Matrix(AVM) Fields
Support for Empty or NULL Values in the Scope of Product Attribute Rules
Hide Default Options in a Bundle with Option Filter Callback Class
Support for Repeat Inclusion Client-Side Constraint Rules
Support for Filter Criteria in Product Attribute Value Extension Object
11.1603.20 (Summer 2019 Patch 5)Asset Sorted by Date of Creation
Category Maintenance Batch Job only on the Changes 
11.1603.13 (Summer 2019 Patch 4)Support for Product Groups in Scope for Promotions
11.1603.5 (Summer 2019 Patch 1)

New Selling Term Calculation Method
New Admin Setting to Enable Price Rule for Asset Line Item
11.1603 (Summer 2019)Currency Rounding
Fallback Mechanism when Contract Price is Unavailable
Contract Term Management
Visibility into Adjustments on Contract Price
Categories for Favorite Configuration
Counter on the Mini-Cart and Recommendation Icons
Support for Recommendation Rules on the Client-side
Ability to Apply a Promotions Multiple Times
Support for Using AND to Concatenate Qualifying Products for Promotions
Administrator-Defined Views for Assets Grid
Custom Validation Logic for Effective Termination date
Get Price Matrix Entry Applied on Line Item
Apply Cumulative Range Matrix without Spanning Multiple Line Items
CPQ pages in Lightning Experience
Enhanced Constraint Rule
Enhanced Bundle Maintenance Batch Job
Display Contract Term Billing Detail during Termination
Support for Space and New Line in Custom Setting Fields
Standardized Cart Theme
Deprecated Managed Package Visualforce Pages
Deprecated Angular User Interface
Deprecated Cart Themes
11.1552.37 (Spring 2019 Patch 10)Category Maintenance Batch Job only on the Changes
11.1552.16 (Spring 2019 Patch 5)Ability to Apply a Promotions Multiple Times
11.1552.10 (Spring 2019 Patch 2)Enhanced Currency Rounding Options
11.1552.4 (Spring 2019 Patch 1)Ability to Round the Price in Each Price Calculation Step
Ability to Round the Selling Term
11.1552 (Spring 2019)Ability to Split an Asset Line Item
Ability to Search Options and Attributes on Configuration Page
Ability to Add Products to Existing Collaboration Request
Ability to Hide Child Cost Types in Price Waterfall
Ability to Search a Product by Name or Code (Promotions)
Updated Billing Schedules Post Increment
Ability to Show Original Asset Start Date after Terminating an Asset
Ability to Replace a Collaborated Product
Automatic Deletion Updates in Collaboration Request
Revoked the Requirement of Modify All Access Permission
Support for Match in Location in CSCR
Auto-included Products Saved in Favorite Configuration
Message Display on Bundle Structure Change
Changes to Shared Option Group Reflect in Associated Bundle
10.1507.52 (Winter 2018 Patch 15)Category Maintenance Batch Job only on the Changes
10.1507 (Winter 2018)New Field on the Quote for Purchase Identifier
User-Level Private Views for Assets Grid
Ability to Change the Quantity of an Asset
Ability to Calculate the Total Asset Quantity
New API to Fetch Projected Asset Value
Ability to Control the Creation Public Favorites
Ability to Hide Promotions After Coupons Are Generated
Ability to Enable and Disable Quote Collaboration notification
Ability to Split the Related Line Item from Service Line
Ability to Clone a Service Line
Ability to Create Shared Option Group from Structure Tab in CPQ Admin
Intermediate Page for Parameter Selection for Mass Edits
Mass Edit (Assets) is a Sub-Menu under Change
Enhancement to Bucket Adjustment
Ability to Apply and Remove Promotions on Multiple Line Items (Mass Application)
Advanced Asset Pricing Criteria
Enhancement to Adjustment Type
Enhanced UI to Apply Promotions and Coupons
Enhancement to Collaboration Request
Enhancement to Save as Favorite Feature
Enhancement to CSCR
Extension for Filter Criteria Field in Lookup Field Settings
Enhancement to Reprice and Validate
Enhancements to the User Interface
10.1468.84 (Summer 2018 Patch 15)Increased Number of Accounts Processed in the Batch Job
10.1468.37 (Summer 2018 Patch 7)Enhancement to Add and Remove Feature in the Related Line Item Pop-up
10.1468.32 (Summer 2018 Patch 5)Enhancements to the User Interface
10.1468.20 (Sum 2018 Patch 4)Enhancement to Bucket Adjustment
10.1468 (Summer 2018)Renewing Ramp Lines after Change Operation

Enhance Search Functionality on Asset Grid
Sorting Product Items Per Page
Lead Time Specification by the Account
Relate and Relate Component
User Interface Enhancements on the Installed Products Page
Adding Show Tab View on a Product Level
Providing Scalability in Constraint Rules
Supporting Deletion and Deactivation of Constraint Rules with Existing Quotes
Support Files for Proposal Doc Gen
Hiding Secondary Action Buttons upon Hard Revalidate
Displaying Quote Name in the Application Browser Tab
Adding Preventative Measures Against Heap Size Errors When Adding Favorites
Enhancing Analyze Quote Page for Angular and Cart Grid UI
Coupon Codes
Assigned to User/Account filter criterion
Suppress salesforce exchange rates 
Applying Promotions at Order Level
Adjustment Line Item Callback on Update of Discounts
Service Pricing
Sales Promotion
Contains Operator in Promotion Criteria Field
Price Rules Processing even if Cost Model and Presto exists
10.1403.43 (Spring 2018 Patch 9)Ability to Pin Option Group Tabs
10.1403 (Spring 2018)Renewable Products
ABO Support for Renewals on Services
Create Quotes from Opportunities that Inherit Related Line Items
UI Improvements for Asset-Based Ordering
Support for Related Line Items at the Option Level
Support for Account Hierarchy
Coverage Status of Assets
Configuration of Service for a Component of the Bundle
Enabled Match in Options Support for Related Asset Lines
Min-Max Messaging
Inclusion Rule with Prompt
Products Disabled or Hidden on Inclusion Prompts
Indicator for Mandatory Fields
Horizontal Scroll for Option Groups Tab
Added By and Added By Rule Information for Client-Side Constraint Rules (CSCR)
Hyperlinks for Options Groups in the Summary Section
Mandatory Products cannot be Marked as Optional
Ability for Rule Messaging for Disabled Products
Increased Threshold for Bundle Maintenance Job
Incremental Update for Criteria Maintenance Job
Disabled Products Based on Product Option Group Min/Max on Inclusion Prompt
Parity for Action Criteria in Inclusion Rules
Enabled Group Adjustment Spread
Conversion of Group Adjustments
Enforced Min/Max Net % at the Line Item Adjustment Level
Related Pricing Setup in the New Admin UI
Ability to Apply Unit Level Discount Amount
Support Price Ramp on the Cart Grid UI
Enabled Proposal Email Editing
Three Columns in the Left Section of the Cart Grid
Manage Visibility Rules in the New Admin UI
Base Price for Currency Code
10.1358 (Winter 2017)Service CPQ
Assets: UI Enhancements for the Installed Products page
Assets: Flow-based ABO Actions
Assets: Ability to display assets based on Account fields
Quoting: Admin Setup for Cart Views
Configuration: Display pricing information for options included as free options within bundle
Configuration: Criteria-Based Recommendation and Replacement Rules on the Server side
Configuration: Hide excluded options at rule or product level
New Admin UI: Price Dimension from Formula fields and Custom Formula
New Admin UI: Manage Option Groups menu in the Catalog tab
Pricing: Bucket Adjustments
Pricing: UoM Setup and Conversion
Pricing: Discount Lock at Line Item level
10.1298 (Summer 2017)Cart Grid UI: Showing Subtotals and Totals Sections on the Cart
Cart Grid UI: Ordering Favorite Category on the Cart
Displaying Revalidation Messages for Cart Grid UI and Angular UI
Cart Grid UI: Setting Custom View as Default
Cart Grid UI: Providing an Indicator for Line Item Approval
Cart Grid UI: Reordering Primary Lines on the Cart
Cart Grid UI: Improved Configuration UI page
New Admin UI:  Managing Favorite Product Configurations
New Admin UI: Creating Price Dimensions
New Admin UI: Saved Searches Drop down list in Alphabetical Order
New Admin UI: Reordering and Deleting Categories
New Admin UI: Defining Object Summary Fields
New Admin UI: Providing Lookup Field Settings
Product Migration: Migrating Product Rules Configuration during Product Migration
Product Migration: Giving External ID field for the products
Snap Performance for Constraint Rules
Providing Product ID for Product Filter Callback Action Parameters
Improved Design of Send Proposal Flow
Improved Filtering of Email Templates
10.127 (Spring 2017)New Theme for CPQ Pages
Ability to apply mass adjustments for options without applying adjustments on bundle
Revalidation on the Cart
Auto Price Ramp Creation For Bundles And Options
Other Enhancements for Cart Grid
Admin UI: Price Ruleset Management, Rule Cloning, and Smart Search Admin Pages For Admin Console
Product Migration App
Constraint Rules: Product Field Set Based Rules For (Client-side Constraint Rule) CSCR Within Bundle
Asset-based Ordering: Disable Opportunity Creation on Asset Renewals
10.1240.11 (April 2017 Patch 1)Improved Constraint Rule Execution on Client side
Improved Usability on the Cart with Intuitive Options
Support for Dynamic Cart Views with Predefined Filters
Admin Console Improvements
Application Management Interface Improvements for Admins
Self-enabled Smart Search
Quote Collaboration - Error Notifications Improvements
Support for Document Generation from SF1

10.1215 (February 2017)

Cart Locking for Concurrent Access
Optional Line Items for Configuration
Improved Usability and Customization for Favorite Configurations
Smart Search Powered by Azure
Usability Enhancements for Analyze Quote Page (Cost and Profitability)
Hiding Empty Option Groups during Configuration
Invoking Proposal Document Generation Wizard from the Cart
Support for SF1
Asset-Based Ordering Enhancements
Application Management Settings and User Interface Enhancements
Quote Collaboration - Merge Operation and Queue Filtering Enhancements
Favorite Configuration API
Loyalty Management
Lookup Field Setting Enhancements
Cart Line Item Enhancements for Handling Dates
9.1168 (November 2016 SP1)Enhancement to Cost and Profitability
Enhancement to Proposal Document Generation
Enhancement to Product Comparison
Enhancement to Account locations on catalog and cart
Enhancement to Smart Search
Enhancements to Admin Console
Enhancement to Asset-based Ordering
9.1149 (November 2016)Cost and Profitability Model
Enhancements to Favorite Configurations
Enhancements to Quote Collaboration
Enhancements to New UI
Enhancements to Admin Console
Enhancements to Smart Search
Enhancements to Proposal Document Generation
Enhancements to Pricing Callback
Enhancements to Lightning support for CPQ
Enhancements to Asset-based Ordering
9.1126 (August 2016 SP1)Enhancements to the new UI
Enhancements to Proposal Document Generation
Enhancements to Quote Collaboration
Enhancements to Smart Search
Enhancements to Asset-based Ordering
9.1114 (August 2016)Favorite Configurations
Proposal Document Generation
Smart Search
Enhancements to the new UI
Enhancements to Quote Collaboration
Enhancements to Rule Engine
Enhancements to Pricing Engine
Enhancements to Multi-Currency Management
Enhancements to CPQ Admin Console
Enhancements to Multi-language support
Enhancements to Asset-based Ordering
9.1072 (May 2016)Enhancements to the New UI
Enhancements to Quote Collaboration
Smart Search (Beta)
Enhancements to Asset-Based Ordering
Enhancements to Promotions
Enhancements to Category Visibility on the Catalog page
New CPQ Admin Console
Dynamic Document Assembly Ruleset for Proposals and Line Items
Support for iPad Safari browser
9.1026 (February 2016)One Click Maintenance Jobs
Improvements to the Angular.js based CPQ User Interface
Attribute Based Configuration Enhancements
Asset Based Ordering Enhancements
Clone Quote with its existing configuration
Proposal and Product Summary Lightning Enhancement
9.987 (November 2015)New Enhanced CPQ User Interface
Attribute Based Configuration
Managing Coupons
Rebate Management
Product Summary Dialog box on the Catalog page
9.94 (August 2015)New Enhanced CPQ User Interface (Beta)
Asset-Based Ordering
Promotions Management
Visibility Rules Enhancements
Access the Config Setting page from the Sprint CPQ Console
Access Deal Approvals and Price Rule-sets from the Sprint CPQ Console
Hide options from the QuickAdd page
Configure bundle products on the Quick Add page
Save Button on Bundle and Cart Page
Hiding Add to Cart and Configure buttons for Options Products
8.8 (May 2015)Creating Numeric Roll-Up Summary Fields for Objects
Backdated Termination of Assets
Locking Option Quantity
Attribute Based Pricing Enhancements
Auto-Inclusion Based On Line Item Updates
Reordering Subcategories or Products
Performance Enhancements
Enhanced CSS
8.7 (February 2015)Dynamically Assign Values Using Numeric Expression
Custom Fields in Price Validation
Multiple Layouts for Page Columns and Actions
Ability to Select Multiple Products for Product Group Inclusion Rule
Co-terminate End Date Section for Amend and Cancel Actions
Performance Improvements for Dynamic Image Rendering
7.7 (October 2014)Display of Progress Indicator Between Page Transitions
Selling Term Enhancement
Bundle Maintenance Enhancement
CSS Override Functionality On The Product Comparison Page
Performance Optimization Enhancements
6.705 (August 2014)Installing CPQ Packages
New User Interface (UI)
CPQ Administration
Price Ramps
Tiered Pricing
Product Comparison
Product Footnotes
Refining your Search
Multi-level Bundles Enhancement
Configurable Shopping Cart Page
Guided Selling Enhancements
Product Attribute Administration Enhancement
Assets Enhancement
Product Visibility
6.3 (August 2013)Product Bundle Enhancements
Quick Quote Mode
Cloning a Bundle within the same Quote
Contract Pricing
Displaying Select Products page sections
Reprice Quote
Number Formatting in the Shopping Cart

DOC ID: CPQFBR20210707